roof replacement cost in Wollongong

What Is The Roof Replacement Cost In Wollongong? A complete guide

Your roof is one of the critical parts of your home. If it has started to look worn out or you have had leaks after a recent storm, you may be faced with the possibility of a roof replacement. A roof replacement may seem like a big undertaking, but with a little know-how, you will have a brand-new roof in no time. If you are considering roof replacement, the first question that comes to your mind is what is the roof replacement cost in Wollongong? Let’s find out.

roof replacement cost in Wollongong
roof replacement cost in Wollongong

What is the Cost of Roof Replacement in Wollongong?

According to Hipages, one of the biggest factors that affect your roof replacement is the material you pick. Roofing material covers 40% of the total cost of roof replacement. There are a variety of roofing materials available for residential roofs, right from concrete shingles to asphalt shingles. A more updated and cost-effective choice is the Colorbond, which is becoming quite popular with homeowners in Wollongong.

Roof replacement costs based on the roofing materials are –

  • Sarking – $8 to $10 per m2
  • Concrete Tiled Roofing – $40 t0 $60 m2
  • Metal Roofing – $50 to $70 m2
  • Terracotta Tiled Roofing – $80 to $110 m2
  • Slate Tiled Roofing – $200 to $500 m2

The first thing you need to do to calculate the cost of replacing your roof is the number of square metres you wish to replace. On an average, the cost of replacing a 3-bedroom house in Wollongong to Colorbond that you may encounter is –

  • Concrete tiles to Colorbond – $20,000 to $25,000
  • Asbestos cement with Colorbond – $15,000 to $20,000
  • Metal roof with Colorbond – $6,000 to $10,000

Quotes from a roofing contractor for roof replacement will also take into account a number of other factors discussed below.

Additional Factors that affect the roof replacement cost in Wollongong

The roofing cost for different roofs varies greatly. While the material cost impacts the cost of the roof replacement, there are other factors that also need to be considered, including –

Access to the Roof

A roofing contractor will need to remove your old roof before installing a new one. They will remove the old roof, dispose of them, and bring the new roofing material up for replacement. If there are challenges accessing the roofing structure, completing the roof replacement will take more time and effort. Thus, extra labour costs will be added to the total cost of roof replacement.

Area You Live In

The area where you live can also affect the cost of roof replacement. If you live away from the suppliers of your roofing materials, you will have to cough up extra delivery charges. Also, a roofing contractor may also charge travel expenses as they need to carry heavy equipment and tools to your location for roof replacement. In addition, an area with frequent harsh weather will require you to reinforce the roof using underlayment and ice barriers that will cost you extra over any standard roof replacement cost.

Size of the Roof

Most roofing contractors will charge you for roof replacement based on how many square metres your roof is. Of course, the bigger the square metres to cover, the higher the replacement cost. However, do not panic as the per square metre rate of roofing material reduces the larger the project is.

Style of the Roof

Wollongong features varied house styles with unique roofing styles such as a bungalow, modernist houses, deco and villas. The more complicated the roof design is, the more the roof replacement cost. A flat roof will be much easier to work on than a pitched roof.

Labour Cost

It is not recommended to take on roof replacement projects on your own because of safety concerns. Based on the skills and experience the roofers have, the replacement cost will vary considerably. Labour cost is usually determined by the ease of access to your roof and the cost of removing your existing roofing material.

Additional Enhancements

One of the top advantages of a roof replacement is the opportunity for you to make enhancements for better lighting, comfort and energy efficiency in your home. From additional weatherproofing and roof insulation to installing skylights, any inclusion will add to the cost of roof replacement but will add value to your home in the long run.

When you hire a professional roof replacement Wollongong contractor, you can be sure to get a quote that is straightforward and affordable. Not engaging a contractor that specialises in roof replacement means the project will take much longer and push your labour cost up.

Roof Replacement Cost Comparisons

Spend time understanding what you want and doing a little bit of legwork yourself. It will help you save money and get a competitive price for your roof replacement. When looking for roof replacement quotes, ensure all roof replacement steps are included in the quotation. If it’s not, it is important to make inquiries into the cost of each of those steps to avoid paying more later on once the project has already started.

Just like any other work around the house, you should seek at least three quotes from local roofing contractors. The more, the better. Compare the value of each of the services and the cost on the quote. While you want to get the roof replacement done in an affordable manner, do not confuse quality workmanship with cheapness. When hiring a roofing contractor, read online reviews from past clients and ask for references to ensure you hire a qualified and professional roofing contractor.


When the cost of frequent repairs and restoration just doesn’t add up, replacing the roof is a cost-effective solution. Upgrading your worn-out roof with a new one will improve the look and the value of your home. Educating yourself on the different factors that affect the roof replacement cost will allow you to ask smart questions to a roofing contractor to help you get a more accurate estimate.

If you need professional help with your roof replacement project, get quotes from experts at ABC Roofing. We ensure you get a high-quality roof replacement service at the best possible prices.

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