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If your existing metal roof is leaking or starting to look worn out, you are probably wondering what to do about it. Your metal roof is designed to protect your home from the harsh Wollongong climate. However, older homes see wear and tear and damages that need repeated repairs which only offers temporary solutions. A metal roof in poor condition is not just unsafe but will have a massive impact on your energy bills. For these reasons, a metal roof replacement in Wollongong may be necessary to protect the integrity of the structure beneath it.

Your Trusted Metal Roof Replacement Experts

Wollongong Metal Roofing Solutions is your trusted metal roofing Wollongong contractor, offering stunning, high-quality service every time. Metal roof replacement is a delicate job requiring care and attention not to disturb the house’s existing structure. We replace roofs throughout Wollongong with Colorbond steel backed by the best warranties in the industry. Our aim is to give you a fabulous new metal roof within your budget.

metal roof replacement wollongong

How to Know If Your Metal Roof Needs to be Replaced?

The first thing you need to figure out is if your metal roof needs replacement. It means you need to measure the current condition of your roof. Metal roofs have a reputation for being long-lasting. They, too, will come to the end of their lifecycle. Here are some common signs to look for considering a roof replacement –
If you are not sure if you should have your metal roof needs replaced, have one of our roofing experts drop by for a quick inspection and free consultation. We can evaluate your roof and find the best solution for your situation.

Why Colorbond is the Best Choice for Metal Roof Replacement in Wollongong?

We have tried and tested every metal product available in the market and now use only the best. One product that has added a completely new dimension to Australia’s suburban landscape is Colorbond. It is a genuine Australian-made steel material that is used for all our metal roof replacements. Compared to ordinary steel, Colorbond is highly versatile, durable, thermally efficient, and visually appealing. With its baked-on finish, Colorbond steel resists peeling, chipping, and cracking to deliver long-lasting performance with low maintenance.

Benefits of Colrbond Roofing Materials

As one of the toughest building materials, your new roof won’t require much maintenance. Another benefit of using Colorbond steel is the exciting range of colours it is available in. You can choose from 22 inspired colour choices to complement your house’s architecture, existing walls, fascias, and landscaping. Installing a new Colorbond metal roof is a great decision if you want to modernize or renovate your tired old roof. It will also be financially more viable in the long run compared to repairing an old roof.

Upgrade Your Metal Roof to Last with Wollongong Metal Roofing Solutions

When tackling a roof replacement project, you need to choose a metal roof that will last a lifetime. You also want to get your value and more back in equity in your home. So, while the cost of metal roof replacement may be more than repair or restoration, the savings will be huge in the long run.

The team at Wollongong Metal Roofing Solutions can replace your old roof with modern Colorbond or Zincalume roofing, which comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty plus our installation warranty for complete peace of mind. With our highly trained and experienced metal roofing Wollongong team, exceptional customer service, and access to the best tools and materials, we can easily tackle any replacement project with ease.

Our Other Roof Replacement Services

As one of the most reputable roofing contractors in Wollongong, we prioritise roof replacement solutions that are durable and built to last. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of roof replacement services, including –

A cement or terracotta tiled roof can last for over five decades. But, depending on the material, weather, installation and maintenance, a tile roof needs to be replaced eventually. 

Do you look at your metal roof and rust, distressed paint, absent screws or a roof that is in bad shape? Then, it’s time to replace your old metal roof with a brand new Colorbond roof.

Asbestos was a popular roofing material during the 1950s, but years later, people became aware of the life-threatening dangers it possesses. We can replace your asbestos roof safely!

Not all types of roofing is appropriate for commercial spaces. Colorbond roofing is one of the toughest and most durable options available in the market today. 

Most people are only worried about damage to their cars when it hails, or there is a storm, but you also need to consider what it can do to your roof.

Get a Free No-Obligation Quote for Metal Roof Replacement in Wollongong.

If you aren’t sure where to start, no problem! Knowing you are interested in a roof replacement is a great starting point. Our roofing experts at Wollongong Metal Roofing Solutions will be more than happy to collaborate with you to help you make the right decision. We take the time to consult with you so we can fit the roof replacement project into your timescale with the least disruption possible to your daily life. Call our team for more information on metal roofing or get a no-obligation quote to replace your metal roof.

If you are thinking of changing your old metal roof to Colorbond, talk to our experts at Wollongong Metal Roofing Solutions today!

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