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Don’t let a dangerously damaged roof get worse. Homeowners tend to spend money on other parts of their houses and forget about their roofing systems, which is crucial for the protection of the rest of your house. A roof replacement in Shellharbour is a low-cost and long-term solution to roofing that does more than improve the functionality of your home , but it also will make your home appear beautiful also!

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Shellharbour Metal Roofing Solutions - Roof Replacement Wollongong offers a wide range services to suit every need and budget.

We are a trusted contractor for roof replacements that are high-quality and cost-effective due to our long-standing expertise. We use only Colorbond metal for the installation of new roofing. We are able to remove any old tile or roofing, and also provide roofing replacement with Colorbond steel. This gives you the peace of mind that you are safe during major storms.

There are a variety of reasons you might need to replace your existing roof. There could be a bad design, storm damage or poor quality of installation. Or, it could be due to aging. Shellharbour Metal Roofing Solutions has the knowledge and experience to repair any damaged roofs and repair them. Having built a huge clientele over the years in Wollongong, we are the roofing company to contact for any roof replacement needs. We are confident that your new roof will add to the beauty of your outdoor space and will last you for a long tim

Our Roof Replacement Shellharbour Services

As one of the most reputable roofing contractors in Wollongong, we prioritise roof replacement solutions that are durable and built to last. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of roof replacement services, including –

Roof Replacement Wollongong

A cement or terracotta tiled roof can last for over five decades. But, depending on the material, weather, installation and maintenance, a tile roof needs to be replaced eventually. 

Do you look at your metal roof and rust, distressed paint, absent screws or a roof that is in bad shape? Then, it’s time to replace your old metal roof with a brand new Colorbond roof.

Roof Replacement Wollongong

Asbestos was a popular roofing material during the 1950s, but years later, people became aware of the life-threatening dangers it possesses. We can replace your asbestos roof safely!

roof replacement wollongong

Not all types of roofing is appropriate for commercial spaces. Colorbond roofing is one of the toughest and most durable options available in the market today. 

Metal Roofing wollongong

Most people are only worried about damage to their cars when it hails, or there is a storm, but you also need to consider what it can do to your roof.

Roof Replacement Shellharbour Specialists

It can be stressful having your roof replaced in Shellharbour for your home or your business. Howere, we are here to change that and make the process so much simpler for you!


Shellharbour Metal Roofing Solutions is the Wollongong roofing specialists. We have many years of experience in the field and can help you understand your requirements. We cater to both commercial and residential customers. For a roof inspection or a quote get in touch with our experts. We will help you decide the most effective course of action in your specific circumstance.

To schedule an appointment for our roof replacement services in Shellharbour, call us by clicking the button below or complete the online form! We will get in touch to arrange an appropriate time to meet.

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